Upcoming Destinations

We’re always planning. There is a lot left to experience!
[updated: June 2014]


The time has come, once again – our travel itch needs to be scratched. That means quitting our jobs, wrapping up all our projects, ending all contracts, tying up loose ends, and saying goodbye to family and friends, so we can pack our backpacks and leave the country on another extraordinary journey of growth and enlightenment.

It’s been a year and a half since we left our hometown of Washington, DC to explore the deep culture of Japan during the height of Sakura (Cherry Blossom) season. You can read more about those adventures here if you’d like. Our dream destination, plus a side trip to Korea, left us satisfied for awhile… Of course the travel itch came back – we are natural born wanderlusts after all, so we decided to take a longer trip this time, duration unknown, to voyage to more unfamiliar territories.


Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 2.13.05 PMThe first leg starts in America. We are leaving our posh-uber-urban lifestyle in DC, giving away our possessions, and once again moving into our backpacks. We first will travel to Austin, Texas to spend time with our loved ones. Our next flight takes us to Jackson Hole, Wyoming for a lovely family outing with nature and animals. From there our plane takes us to New York, where we’ll chill in Brooklyn between red-eyes, and soak up the last bit of modern American diversity before we won’t be around another ‘Mercan’ for awhile…

Once we board that big bird in the sky to take us to Copenhagan, and then Amsterdam, an open, care-free feeling will slowly integrate back into our lives. We will breathe in freedom and exhale worry. Our Bohemian ways will remanifest our spirits, and we will once again become wanderers. Pilgrams of the modern world.

A one-way-ticket to Amsterdam and a rough outline of our first 3 months in Europe (with a couple stops in the Middle East) will be our guide for awhile.

Leg 2: Netherlands > Belgium > Paris
June 23rd – July 21

Leg 3: Morocco > Turkey
July 21 – Aug 16

Leg 4: Bulgaria > Macedonia > Serbia > Kosovo > Montenegro > Bosnia > Croatia > Slovenia > Austria
Aug 16 to Sept 12

Leg 5: London > Germany > Czech Republic
Sept. 12 to October 5

Of course, this is a general path. We hope to stray.

Even more exciting is we have many friends from many places joining us on different legs of the trip. I couldn’t be more excited to globe-trot with fellow kindred spirits, and share beautiful moments.

On this third trip around the world, we plan on travel hacking to the max. We will pay very little for accommodation and transportation, and instead couchsurf with a global network of good people and hitch rides across Europe.

Then… Assuming we still have money, work, and our sanity, we’ll retreat back to Southeast Asia, and focus on more work and less travel. I’m thinking a bamboo bungalow on a beach somewhere with lighting fast wifi, monkeys, and exotic fruits?… Yeah, and yoga, and sunsets, and motorbikes… mmmhhhmmm!

Feel free to join me ~ travel@ItsBohemian.com

Sabai Sabai Loves ~