Southeast Asia | Photojournal by Madlén Hjelmroth

We have a few friends who travel like we do, and find interests in the things we do. We always like to see the way they capture the human experience of a place, and are fortunate to have friends as Madlén Hjelmroth, a photographer and fellow citizen of the world, residing in Göteborg, Sweden.

We tend to not think about the daily lives of people in other places around the world. We either assume their are impoverished, or that they probably live like we do. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. People all over the world experience life, either urban, suburban, or country, very differently. Here is just a glimpse at the human experience in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos from her last visit, late 2015.

Madlen Hjelmroth Cambodia Age Ankor Wat  Madlen Hjelmroth Cambodia baby Ankor Wat  Madlen Hjelmroth Cambodia Siem Reap Bicycle Equality Madlen Hjelmroth Cambodia Siem Reap boy monk Madlen Hjelmroth Laos Barefooted Monks Madlen Hjelmroth Laos boys on phone Madlen Hjelmroth Laos Mekong Delta Madlen Hjelmroth Laos monks and technology Madlen Hjelmroth Laos tuktuk circa 2015   Madlen Hjelmroth Vietnam 16 hours after wedding Saigon Madlen Hjelmroth Vietnam Market Madlen Hjelmroth Vietnam Mekong River Restaurant Owners  Madlen Hjelmroth Vietnam motorbike living Madlen Hjelmroth Vietnam Phone Booths circa 2015 Madlen Hjelmroth Vietnam Post Office Translator 36 years  Madlen Hjelmroth Vietnam street life Madlen Hjelmroth Vietnam washing by the lake Madlen Hjelmroth Cambodia Ankor Wat Madlen Hjelmroth Vietnam street dishwashing Madlen Hjelmroth Police Vietnam Madlen Hjelmroth Vietnam motorbike Hanoi Madlen Hjelmroth Cambodia Doi Can Street Madlen Hjelmroth Southeast Asia Travel

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