Grand Canyon National Park

We pulled up to the Grand Canyon on our way from Las Vegas to Austin, Texas – a little over 20 hours between the two destination, we almost passed by all together, thinking “we can save it for another trip.” I expected to see something magnificent, but after nearly two weeks on the road, and after having been to the Rockies National Park and to Arches in Utah, I figured it would be unique, but never would have expected to have had my breath taken away.

I was surprised when I told people I know about the Grand Canyon being, possibly, the most amazing natural thing I had ever seen, that one replied “I’ve been there a couple times, and to be honest, it’s just a big hole in the ground.” I suppose there is a chance that the canyon is lost on some people – I’ll let you decide.


I imagined a time when people walked upon this chasm, not having heard of it or seen pictures like I and my travel companions had.


On the other side the horizon is hidden, the canyon face nearly 1000ft higher above sea level than the side we were standing at.


The screech of hawks echo through the canyons – it takes resistance to not feel touched by forces greater than yourself, even for non-religious types like me.




The Grand Canyon will see us again – for a longer period, as we trek through the valleys and down the edges of cliffs, to camp where the rivers once flowed so mightily that their power is known only by what they washed away.




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