Foodie Adventures in Seoul, Korea

Fellow Traveler and Kindred Spirit, Sharon, shares some of her favorite meals as she eats her way through Seoul, Korea. Try not to slobber on your computer :)

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bibmbap local food market
Photo Credit: Pat Berklette – The mixings for bibmbap at a local food market
Shiitake mushroom & pork, and spinach & shrimp dumplings
food market seoul
Gwangjang food Market
fish seoul korea
 Photo Credit; Pat Berklette РFish and seafood at a Seoul day market
octopus veggie soup
Haemul Tang Stew before (see picture below)
Haemul Tang, after
Korean BBQ
Korean BBQ, where you cook your own meats, and have many fresh sides such as garlic, spicy paste, beans, tofu, lettuce, and of course more kimchee
korean night market
Photo Credit: Pat Berklette – Gwangjang night market, Seoul, Korea
korean sweet treats
Yummy Korean sweet treats
lentil veggie burger
lentil veggie burger with a kale salad and strawberry lemonade
pig parts
Photo Credit: Pat Berklette – A bucket of pig parts at a day market
soup kimchi seoul korean food
Haemul tang (top right) and Mandu Guk (bottom right) accompanied with kimchee
Spicy buckwheat noodle
bibim naengmyon, spicy buckwheat noodles, served cold but leaves your mouth on fire
spicy kimchi pickled dishes
Photo Credit: Pat Berklette – a variety of spicy pickled vegetables, a staple for every meal
sushi in korea
Salmon Chirashi on a bed of rice
A selection of fresh seafood for lunch in Seoul
raw shrimp korea
Raw Shrimp for lunch, the Koreans sure do like their food as close to live as possible
Vegan chocolate pound cake
Vegan chocolate pound cake from a cafe called Plant
live octopus korea
Live Octopus, still wiggling on the plate
kimchee nacho fries
Delicious Kimchee nacho fries from Vatos


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