Photo Gallery: Doors of Paris

As we wander the streets of Paris, the doors continued to captivate us. Each door, and knocker, had unique characteristics making it interesting and so different than it’s neighbor. Some doors, so vivid in color, others had interesting designs. Take a look at our image gallery!

Paris_17 copy

Paris_28 copy

Paris_29 copy

Paris_38 copy

Paris_42 copy

Paris_48 copy

Paris_59 copy

Paris_68 copy

Paris_69 copy

Paris_143 copy

Paris_160 copy

Paris_161 copy

Paris_216 copy

Paris_223 copy

Paris_227 copy

Paris_228 copy

Paris_229 copy

Paris_251 copy

Paris_253 copy

Paris_254 copy

Paris_256 copy

Paris_260 copy

Paris_267 copy

Paris_298 copy

Paris_299 copy

Paris_303 copy

Paris_305 copy

Paris_307 copy

Paris_343 copy

Paris_349 copy

Paris_364 copy


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