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It’s Bohemian is about stories, not destinations. Anywhere can be magical if you don’t feel like a stranger, and bringing the world together is what It’s Bohemian is all about. If you feel that you are living an adventure and want to share, become a contributor.

Please fill out the form below and let us know that you would like to become a contributor. We review applicants based on the proposed experience and commitment to sharing. Upon acceptance you will be listed as a contributing author,  with a profile and method of posting to It’s Bohemian.

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Spreading stories is the best way to give others a glimpse into your view and experience of the world, an the cultures that make up our global society. Help obliterate ignorance by sharing your stories, in words or in pictures. Take the time to contact us and share what you can! Looking for stories and pictures from travelers like you!

Here is the criteria when writing articles. We recommend that you already have the article written, formatted in an email with images attached, and ready to send when you contact us. We can avoid a lot of back and forth ;-)

  • Write original content – we don’t want another top ten things to do or eat. Tell us what YOU did – keep it broad or focused, but we want to know what your experience was.
  • Maximum number of words: 500 – this is for first timers. If you have more, can keep us engaged for more, then write more!
  • Maximum number of images: 10 – 12…ish.
  • Content must be yours. That includes images. If it’s not, then it needs to at least be mostly yours, with proper credit given.

The article must be exclusively produced for It’s Bohemian

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The other way is to email us. Just send an email to travel @ our domain name. If you just want to submit a story and pictures, go for it! We don’t do link back exchanges or anything like that unless you’re a contributor to our website.

Happy Travels!