Cheapest Places in the World to Drink a Beer

Let’s face it, everybody enjoys a nice cold beer while on vacation. Sometimes the price is oh, so, sweet, but other times, certain places will leave you feeling guilty for spending your hard earn cash on an over priced beer.

When we travel, we take these things into consideration, as we feel its a good gauge as to the price of everything else in the country. Some places have an insanely high cost of drinking, but the beer at the other places, our kinda places, make the beer taste that much more delicious. :) Plus we like to make sure we supplement our bones with vitamin D and prevent bone degeneration (scientifically proven here)

The comparison experts over at FinancesOnline designed an infograph to show where beer is dirt cheap, and where to steer clear of if you’re looking to party.  Our personal favorite places to enjoy a nice yeasty beverage is the Czech Republic and Belgium, for obvious reasons. We encourage drinking in moderation, and paying in moderation.

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