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Beer is a culture in Belgium, and very CHEAP compared to the prices in the United States. There is over 800 varieties, each with their own specialty glass to enhance the flavor of the frothy beverage. Our favorite thing to do while touring, and after touring, was to stop off at a local beer house to enjoy a delicious glass of beer while watching the local life pass you by. For a country so small, Belgium has an astounding amount of breweries and beer styles. Even though Belgium has 3 official languages (Flemish, French, and German) it’s not hard to converse with bar mates after a few beers :)

IMG_6161 copy
Trapist Triple Beer, and a Corsendonk Brown, a Belgian Abbey Dubbel
IMG_6163 copy
Westmalle Trappist triple, 9.5% Brewed by Brouwerij der Trappisten van Westmalle
IMG_6211 copy
Leffe Brown, a Belgian Dark Ale style beer brewed by Abbaye de Leffe S.A. in Dinant, Belgium

IMG_6222 copy
Rodenbach, a sour red/brown beer by Palm, and a Westmalle Trapist Triple Blonde
IMG_6233 copy
At a Beer Shop, the Desperados, a tequila flavored beer, caught my eye
IMG_6268 copy
Chimay Bleue (Blue) Grand Reserve and Brugs Biere Blanche Wheat bier
IMG_6275 copy
Tripel Karmeliet, a golden beer brewed by Brouwerij Bosteels in Buggenhout, Belgium, and Duvel Tripel hop from Moortgat Brewery
IMG_6276 copy
Enjoying a Ename Blond, and Ename Dubbel Abbey Beer, over a game of backgammon
IMG_6304 copy
Leffe Bruin, (Brown) is a Belgian Dark Ale style beer brewed by Abbaye de Leffe S.A. in Dinant, Belgium

IMG_6344 copy
A very expensive Cantillion Gueuze “Drapeau Belge”, and a Kwak, a strong amber ale
IMG_6351 copy
It was so much fun drinking this Kwak, from it’s traditional, very distinctive wooden beer stand
IMG_6354 copy
Barbar Honey Pale Ale along with a traditional snack of cheese and sausage
IMG_6355 copy
Kasteel Donker, a quadruple styled dark ale from West Flanders, and a Bush Amber, one of the strongest beers in Belgium :)


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